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Happy Election Day Tumblr Family! We encourage you all to go out and vote! Your opinion matters! Take back your freedom and rock the vote!

Yes! Somewhere in this country there are Democrats falling in love with Republicans or liberals marring conservatives. Well how does that work right? Here are four little tips that will help make “dating across political lines” possible! How many of our Tumblr fans are their political opposite? Inquiring minds want to know!

Please don’t forget to vote! Your Vote matters!!!

Today I bring you the secret to a happy marriage! If you don’t believe me check it out for yourself…this couple has been happy with NO conflict for 25 years! See for yourself… read the article! Then tell us whats your secret to a happy relationship? Whether that relationship be dating, living together or married?

Having a fun and silly side is nice on occasion…but fellas we all know the way to her heart is romance! Sometimes all the romantic ideas may seem a little too cliche`. Here some very creative romantic date ideas that will definitely get you on her good side! Hope you all had a happy Monday !

Sex, money, communication , chores… just a few common problems in almost every relationship.  This article covers these and many more, while touching on some ways to solve them . 

Running out of date ideas? How about money to fund these ideas? Well here are 20 fun and unusual date ideas, some don’t even cost a dime. Do something fun , adventurous, and down right silly with your date! Have any of our Facebook family done anything similar as a creative date idea? Share your idea and be someones inspiration!

Good Morning and Happy Friday Facebook!
Today lets start off with a few laughs! Here a few funny little stories about singles moms who are back on the dating scene. Single moms do you have any funny dating snafus you’d like share?

Losing a Spouse is a tragic and tough ordeal to go through. What makes it even harder to deal with is moving on and trying to date or be intimate again. The person may feel guilty or like they are betraying their spouse by continuing with 

their lives. Though this is very heavy for a Monday morning I encourage you to read this article and pass it along to help someone who may be suffering with this same exact issue in their lives. Or maybe it’s you that needs this advice. Do you believe in finding love again after the death of a spouse?

Don’t let an embarrassing moment ruin the mood. Learn how to weasel your way out of sticky situations and still get the nookie ;-)